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Phacility Pricing Plans
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Explanation of available pricing plans.


Different pricing plans are supported. This document describes the available plans, how to identify which plan you have selected, and how to change plans.

Pricing Plans

These pricing plans are currently available for new installs:

StarterStandardPrivate Cluster
Price$5/user/month$20/user/monthPlanned Feature
Maximum Bill$50/month$1,000/monthPlanned Feature
User Limit10UnlimitedUnlimited
SupportNo SupportSupportSupport
Best ForUp to 10 Users1+ users50+ users

Starter Plan: The starter plan is cheap, but only supports 10 users and does not include support. If you want to add more users later, you'll be able to upgrade to a standard plan at any time.

Standard Plan: The standard plan costs $20/user/month and includes full support. See Phacility Support.

Monthly bills under this plan are capped at $1,000, which corresponds to about 50 active users. If we would generate an invoice for more than $1,000, it will be reduced to $1,000. This means that costs only increase up to 50 users.

Above 50 users, you can add an unlimited number of users for free. In the future, we expect to offer private clusters to installs that reach this size, which should provide more features at the same cost.

Private Cluster: Private clusters are a planned feature, but aren't available yet. You can learn more about private clusters.

Some installs have special or limited-time pricing plans, so this table may not include the active pricing plan for your install.

Identifying Your Current Plan

To identify which pricing plan you have selected for an instance, look at the Pricing Plan header on the instance detail page, in the Billing section.

Changing Plans

To change your pricing plan, choose Change Pricing Plan from your instance detail screen, in the Billing section. You can change your pricing plan at any time.

Next Steps

For general help with billing, see Phacility Billing Guide.