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Phacility User Documentation (Support)

How to get help with Phacility instances.


We offer paid support to help you solve problems, usually problems with Phabricator.

If you pay us for hosting, support is bundled with your instance.

If you do not pay us for hosting, you can purchase a standalone support plan. For more details about standalone support plans (called "support pacts"), see Support Pacts.

This document provides a basic overview of support.

Filing Issues

To file support issues, access the "Support" application at

If you pay us for hosting, you can also easily access Support from your instance detail page on

Support Mana

We offer a wide range of support services. For more information about the scope of support, see Support Mana.

Email Support

If you have a problem which prevents you from accessing the Support application (for example, an issue with logging in), you can email us at instead.