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Getting Started with Phacility
Phacility User Documentation (Administrating Instances)

Overview of the Phacility service.


Phacility is a hosted version of Phabricator, a web application suite.

Phabricator is an open source platform of software development tools. You can learn more about Phabricator on the Phabricator product site. Phabricator includes tools for repository hosting, code review, task tracking, and many of the other tasks common to software development.

Phabricator is developed and maintaned by Phacility, Inc. You can learn more about Phacility, Inc on the Phacility corporate site.

Phabricator is open source, and anyone can download and run it for free. However, it's a complex piece of software and can be complicated to install, configure, upgrade and administrate.

If you want to use Phabricator but don't want to administrate it, we offer a hosted version: Phacility. By logging into the Phacility administrative console and launching a new instance, you get access to a copy of Phabricator which we install, upgrade, and maintain for you.

Quick Start

To get started with Phabricator on Phacility, register or log in to the Phacility administrative console at

From here, you can either launch a Test Instance (a free, temporary instance for evaluating the software) or a Standard Instance.

Test Instances

If you want to learn more about Phabricator and Phacility, use the New Instance button on the home page and choose "Test Instance" to quickly launch a free, temporary test instance. This will let you see how the software works first hand.

Test instances are temporary, and all data on test instances is automatically deleted after some time.

Standard Instances

Once you're ready to get started with a real instance:

  • Use the Instances application to launch a new instance of Phabricator. This will deploy a copy of Phabricator that you control, on a subdomain you choose (like
  • From the instance detail page, use Invite Members to invite members of your organization to join you.

Once you've launched an instance, you can click Use Instance to log in, or access it directly (at You only need to return to the administrative console to do administrative things (like inviting more users or managing billing).

Next Steps

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