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Support Pacts
Phacility User Documentation (Support)

Detailed information on paid support pacts.


Phacility provides bundled support for hosted instances and add-on support for self-hosted installs. For a general description of support, see Phacility Support.

If you pay us for hosting, support is bundled with your instance at no additional cost. Choose Support from your instance detail page to access support.

If you do not pay us for hosting, you can purchase a separate support plan to get support for an instance you host and manage. This document discusses available support pacts.

For a dry legal agreement governing paid support for self-hosted installs, see L5 Phacility Support Agreement.

Pact Levels

These are the support pact levels we currently offer for customers who do not pay us for hosting and wish to purchase standalone support:

Mana Regeneration50/Month250/Month
Maximum Mana50250
Payment MethodsCredit CardAny

The Wood Pact can only be paid with a credit card, and is aimed at smaller organizations (roughly, fewer than 250 employees).

The Stone Pact may be paid with a credit card or an invoice/purchase order, and is aimed at larger organizations (roughly, more than 250 employees).

Creating a Pact

To create a new standalone support pact, visit

Choose the pact level you want, and fill out the form with details about your organization.

After creating a pact, you'll be prompted to provide billing information. You can also use the pact to ask us questions about billing or other pact details.


Support pacts must be paid up front. After we receive payment, we will activate your pact and provide support for issues you file.

Pacts are subject to a discount if paid annually or with a credit card. The table below shows available discounts:

Payment MethodDiscount
Credit Card10%
Invoice (Annually)10%
Invoice (Quarterly)5%
Invoice (Monthly)0%

Note that not all pact levels support invoicing. Also note that we will not begin providing support until we receive payment.

Modifying and Terminating Pacts

You can change the level of your support pact at any time. To change levels (for example, from "Wood" to "Stone"), just file an issue with your request.

The price change will be reflected in the next bill, or we'll modify the term of the pact appropriately if you have prepaid.

You can also cancel a pact at any time. If you cancel a pact, we'll refund the unused portion of any fees you have paid us (for example, if you prepay for a year and cancel after 7 months, we'll refund the remaining 5 months).

Mana and Scope

Each pact generates "mana", which is used to request support services. For more details on how mana works and what is in scope, see Support Mana.


If you have additional questions about support pacts, you can email us at and we'll try to help.