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Aug 29 2023, 3:16 AM (41 w, 5 d)

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Tue, May 21

annata20 added a comment to F503618: Die Psychologie der Schrift: Wie beeinflussen Schriften unsere Wahrnehmung?.

Die Psychologie der Schrift untersucht, wie verschiedene Schriftarten Pokerogue unsere Wahrnehmung, Emotionen und Handlungen beeinflussen können.

Tue, May 21, 4:55 AM

Aug 29 2023

annata20 added a comment to F228972: workcard-profile.

This photo is quite blurry, I can't see it well, connections game maybe it's not the default size of the website

Aug 29 2023, 3:34 AM
annata20 added a comment to F479208: google/-profile.jpg.

There are no photos connections posted here

Aug 29 2023, 3:33 AM